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A skincare-infused glaze that hydrates lips with burn-free plumping after 2 weeks of continuous use*. The restoring, non-sticky 4-in-1 fuses lip oil, balm, plumper and gloss.

HausTech Powered™ with Polyplumper Peptide Complex + Vegan Collagen

Haus Labs Polyplumper Peptide Complex: plumped lip appearance with cutting-edge combination of Maxi-Lip™ and Volulip™

Vegan Collagen: lips feel nourished + smoother

Prickly Pear Oil: moisture barrier feels boosted with added hydration


Guava - Soft Warm Pink

Fig - Warm Deep Brown

Cocoa - Taupe Brown

Persimmon - Reddish Brown

Praline - Neutral Deep Beige

Macaron - Cool Pink



A unique science-forward, skincare-infused formula that combines the hydration of a lip oil, cushion of a balm, volumizing effect of a plumper and high shine of a gloss. Formulated with a custom blend of Maxi-Lip™ and Volulip™ to promote the appearance of fuller lips without any uncomfortable irritation.

Fill Weight: 7 ml / 0.25 fl oz




Pic & Content Courtesy - Haus Labs

Haus Labs PhD Hybrid Lip Glaze Plumping Gloss (various shades)