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Fresh, luminous and light coverage tint in a feel good formula made of 78% skincare ingredients, for replenished, healthy and plumped looking skin.


T4 - Neutral Golden Undertone

T5 - Cool Olive Undertone

T6 - Neutral Undertone

T7 - Neutral Undertone

T8 - Golden Undertone

T9 - Warm Olive Undertone

T10 - Neutral Undertone


The unique hybrid formula of the Enhancing Tint works to seamlessly even tone, lift shadows, tone down redness and boost luminosity... Think your skin, but on its best day.  

The ultra-lightweight texture delivers a burst of hydration whilst simultaneously delivering blurring pigments to perfect and even the skin tone. 

Skin is soothed, smoothed and strengthened.  

The tone perfecting, crease-proof formula means it also works like a dream under the eyes.


NET WT. 30ml / 1 fl oz


Pic & Content Courtesy - Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin Enhancing Tint (various shades)