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Embark on a Festive Adventure with the Hey Reindeer Palette!

Immerse yourself in the whimsy of the holiday season with our "Hey Reindeer Palette," where festive spirit and captivating colors unite to tell a story of Christmas enchantment. Inspired by the frolicsome reindeer, a beloved emblem of winter celebrations, this palette articulates the merry narratives of Christmas in every hue.

Our 16-shade collection offers a symphony of eight plush matte shades, one singular multichrome, and seven lustrous sparkling shades. It's a respectful homage to the timeless Christmas palette, refreshed with a contemporary twist. Within the Hey Reindeer Palette, find a soft matte lavender and a nuanced grey-blue, set against a range of vibrant, shimmering shadows. The "Candy Canes" shade stands out as a multichrome spectacle, marrying a gentle pink base with a shifting symphony of colors for a playful yet sophisticated look.





Pic & Content Courtesy - Oden's eye

Oden's eye Hey Reindeer Palette