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This first ever holiday collection of ours is inspired by traditional Christmas themes, allowing holidaymakers to create wintery dreamy makeup looks to celebrate and get into the mood for the Christmas season.

Both eyeshadow palettes are 16-color eyeshadow palettes, containing eight matte shades, one unique multichrome shade, and seven shimmering shades.

The Merry Christmas palette is inspired by the classic Christmas color scheme. The outer packaging of the red palette is matched with red and green colors along with Christmas elements. The colors of the eyeshadows includes a special multichrome color Elf Wish, which has a grass green background with color shiftings of pink, green and gold. We truly hope that our Merry Christmas palette will enable your holiday makeup creation with some unique makeup looks.




Pic & Content Courtesy - Oden's eye

Oden's eye Merry Christmas Palette