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Embarking on a whimsical journey with the enchanting snowman, we've woven a palette that softly whispers the serene tales of Christmas, presenting the Snow Dream Palette. Each of our two palettes in this festive release unfolds a story through 16 eyeshadows, featuring a blend of eight matte shades, one distinctive multichrome, and seven dazzling shimmers.

The Snow Dream Palette gently cradles understated matte greens, vivid reds, and rich browns, all caressed by a spectrum of vibrant shimmer eyeshadows. The shade "Frankincenses" emerges as a special spectacle, casting a holographic silver sprinkled with delicate sparkles. The packaging, a tender embrace of a festive snowman and Christmas reindeer, seeks to sprinkle a dash of adorable and cozy Christmas spirit into this year’s limited edition. May your eyes twinkle with the gentle dreams of snowflakes and festive joy!






Pic & Content Courtesy - Oden's eye

Oden's eye Snow Dream Palette