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Made with a natural blend of peppermint, lavender, and tonka bean aromatherapy oils known to help de-stress and decompress.

Easy-to-use, leakproof click pen dispenses the perfect dose every time. Use the silicone tip to massage into temples, back of the neck, & behind ears to help soothe and relax.

Unique cooling, water-break gel formula absorbs quickly into skin without feeling sticky, greasy, or disturbing makeup.

The fresh, minty-floral scent refreshes your senses without being overpowering, so you can apply as little or as much as you’d like.

Perfectly pocket-sized so you can relieve tension and find comfort wherever you are.

Proudly bottled with 43% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic.

Net Wt. 0.16 fl. oz. | 5 mL





Pic & Content Courtesy - Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty Find Comfort Stop & Soothe Aromatherapy Pen