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Experience the duality of the solar and lunar realms with our two mesmerizing palette versions:

Our Lunar version adorned with captivating purples and shifty metallic shadows, evokes the mystique of moonlit nights.

Solar Halo - an iridescent chameleon that shifts bright purple, pink and gold

Sunset Embrace - a lavender multichrome with lots of sparkle 

Amorous Rays - a muted deep rose matte

Celestial Love - a deep indigo purple matte

Galactic Heart - a deep purple multichrome that shifts pink, gold and green 

Nebula Whisper - a super foiled silver metallic 


This palette features a mirror and is magnetic for ease of swapping out the 26mm pans.





Pic & Content Courtesy -  Terra Moon

Terra Moons Cosmetics Lovers On The Sun Palette (Lunar)